How To Tell A Replica Watch From A Real One

Here's some basic, but invaluable information on how to spot replica watches. Whether you want to buy a flawless replica and avoid poor quality ones, or if you want to be sure the watch you're buying online is real, these tips will help you tell a replica watch from a real one.


  • The best resource is not just any replica watch site but the original vendor itself. Know the original and you'll know whether a copy is worth it's weight.
  • Know the mechanics of a watch, it's weight and materials, the specifics of its function, and most obviously it's appearance.
  • Shop only on sites that include high quality images and full spec lists—then cross reference what they have with what's shown on the authentic site or in the boutique.

Things to Consider:

  • Dial—Color, reflectivity, embossments, placement of logo, thickness of hands, style, font of hour and date display.
  • Bezel—Jeweled? Rotating? What are the markings? What's the material? What's the size?
  • Casing—Size is the most important consideration here. Also this is where the weight of the watch comes in, which is often overlooked by replica buyers.
  • Crown—Pay attention to both the appearance and style of function (for instance the Rolex Triplock crown has the Rolex crown image and three dots on it and uses an extra seal between the threads.
  • Bracelet—You'd be surprised…pay close attention to the material. Plated gold can look like gold, stainless steel is very common in real watches, not just replica, but you have to know the grade of steel. Is it rubber or leather? What color? How does it latch?